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Shuttle Bus HVAC Systems

From four decades of experience and industry knowledge, ProAir can design and customize HVAC systems to meet any application or climate demands, for conventional and alternative fuel vehicles. We have a working relationship with every shuttle bus manufacturer in the US and Canada. Our advanced systems are designed, engineered, manufactured, installed, and serviced here in the United States and backed by a nationwide service support network.



Shuttle Bus (Rooftop System)

Advanced Features

  • Lightweight rugged aluminum frame
  • Attractive UV resistant TPO cover
  • Low profile 6” total height
  • Integral filter drier and receiver with sight glass
  • Low refrigerant high pressure protection
  • O-ring connections for maximum leak protection
  • Unequalled heat rejection yields lower discharge pressure and longer compressor life
  • Two sealed high capacity 14” fans
  • All circuits and motors individually protected
  • Designed for compressors up to 310 cm3
  • Enhanced copper tube aluminum fin coils
  • LED diagnostics


  • Rating 75,000 BTU/hour
  • IMACA 50,000 ARI
  • Airflow 1,600 CFM
  • Amperage draw 60 amps @ 13.5 volts, 30 amps @27 volts
  • Condenser fans two 14” diameter sealed motors
  • Weight 180 lbs.
  • Length 84.5”
  • Width 44”
  • Height 6”


  • 12 volt or 24 volt motors
  • High ambient package
  • Heating coils
  • Manual or digital controls


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