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School Bus HVAC Systems

We put our extensive experience to work for you, constantly innovating to provide the best possible solutions to fit the specs of any school bus OEM.  Take a look at our Pro series, designed specifically for school bus applications. They passed the toughest pull-down tests with flying colors. Detailed specs, test results and verification data always available.


School Bus (Split System)

Advanced Features

  • Designed to fit neatly into bus bulkhead
  • Attractive durable ABS covers with advanced airflow louver design
  • Pressure switches located at the compressor for maximum protection
  • O-ring connections for maximum leak protection
  • Unitized drain pan construction eliminates condensation problems
  • High-capacity dual blowers
  • Enhanced copper tube aluminum fin coils
  • Direct conditioned air discharge
  • Drop-in one-piece construction
  • Easy access return air filter helps to reduce service time
  • Industry leading 3-year warranty


  • EV70 bulkhead evaporator(s)CS70 skirt mount condenser(s)ID-23 drivers in dash
  • High-efficiency coated coil design
  • Separate circuit for each condenser fan
  • Systems meet industry pull-down test specifications


  • 12 volt or 24 volt motors
  • Adjustable or fixed air outlet louvers
  • Driver's evaporator duct Models 200, 300, 400, 500, 600 available
Model System Components Options
Pro 200 EV-70, CS-70, ID-23, SD7 TM-21, Dash Heat, Beige or Gray
Pro 300 EV-70, CS-70 (x2), ID-23, SD7, SD7H15 Radiator Condenser, TM-21, Dash Heat, Beige or Gray
Pro 400 EV-70, CS-70 (x2), SD7 (x2), EV-20 TM-21, Dash Heat, Beige or Gray
Pro 500 EV-70 (x2), CS-70 (x2), SD7 (x2), ID-23 TM-21, Dash Heat, Beige or Gray
Pro 600 EV-70 (x2), CS-70 (x2), SD7 (x2), ID-23, ES-60 TM-21, Dash Heat, Beige or Gray


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